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Wine, Anyone?

  Prompt: A substance which generates ideas, a spy, 1 minute. There were few things that irritated the spy more than uninvited guests. For the purposes of this story, let’s call them Vin. Living undercover alone meant that they needed to interact with civilians and regular folks to avoid attracting unwanted attention. However, like most experienced spies, they have few authentic connections with the real world and tend to forget that people are often unpredictable. Their tech supplier had provided them with an inconspicuous-looking bottle of wine that did not contain wine at all. Well, it tasted somewhat like a white wine on the sour side but was in fact the most recently developed FX Serum which allegedly stimulated the frontal cortex to encourage creativity—hence the name. The spy’s job was to test the serum and report back, but as they were about to open the bottle, the doorbell had rung. The next-door neighbours were now sitting in Vin’s living room, and the man, Hugo, was reac

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